What is a roof restoration?

Put simply a roof restoration is about bringing a tired, possibly broken roof back to life. At a high level, our restoration process involves carrying out repairs (if required) to the roof, cleaning then applying a protective coast and painting. The result is a fantastic looking roof for a fraction of the price of a new roof.

Why should I get a roof restoration done?

There are a few reasons to consider a roof restoration. Whatever reason matches your circumstances, you’ll be impressed with the results. Some reasons you might need a roof restoration include;

  • Your roof needs work, e.g. it leaks, and looks terrible
  • The roof looks bad, e.g. it is covered with lichen and moss and looks dirty
  • To prolong the life of your roof
  • If you wish to change the colour of your roof.

What does a roof restoration cost?

Our team prefer to carry out an on-site inspection to enable them to provide accurate quotes. We prefer our clients not to get any hidden surprises. Our team will happily come and inspect your roof and provide you with an obligation free quotation. We provide free inspection and quotes.

Does a roof restoration take very long?

No, not really. Normally a roof restoration will take less than a week. However, there are various factors that can involve how long it takes to get a roof restoration done. Some of these factors include weather conditions, site accessibility, job complexity, and materials availability. Our team can let you know an estimate of how long the job will take when they are onsite to carry out your free inspection and quote.

What does a roof replacement involve?

Without all the detail, a roof replacement pretty much means just that – we’ll replace your roof with a new roof. Otherwise known as a re-roof, prior to undertaking such a large project, we carry out an assessment and discuss with you various options such as materials, colours, repairs or modifications required, project costs, and project timelines.

Materials will then be ordered for your new roof, all preparation will be carried out, tarps and other equipment will be on standby – then your old roof will be removed, modifications carried out and your new roof fitted. Depending on the size of your home, this may get done in sections. Old roofing material is then disposed of.

Do you offer a guarantee on your work?

Absolutely yes! Our roofers back their super high quality roof restorations and roof replacement jobs with a 10 year written guarantee.

How Long Does A Typical Roof Restoration Take To Complete?

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What Kind Of Warranty Do You Offer On Roof Restoration Services?

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Can You Restore Roofs With Unique Materials Or Styles?

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How Do I Know If My Roof Needs Restoration Or Replacement?

Understand the signs that indicate whether your roof requires restoration or a complete replacement, and how we can assist in making the right decision.

Do You Provide An Initial Inspection And Quote?

Get information on our process for conducting initial inspections and providing detailed quotes for roof restoration services in Penrith.

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